What is Fimo Sticks and How do you use it?
Fimo Sticks are great for decoration due to its unique design and detail.This is especially useful for those who enjoys DIY with nail polish/stamp art. Many people uses these sticks for making miniature deco items around the house (mini cakes, mini cupcakes and rings etc etc super CUTE!!)

You can use an utility knife/exacto knife to cut the stick into pieces. like the below image:

Then you have a few options:
for DECO on your belongings:
1) Simply use glue to glue it on
For Nails
1) Nail polish: apply a few layers then then glue/stick it onto your nails. then use clear top coat nail polish to go over it.
2) Gel Nails: use top coat gel to go over it

That's what we saw in youtube video, in nail magazines, and what we do for my nail customers.


♥ Does it matter how thick we slice these?
Some ppl slice it at around 2-3mm for miniature decorations
some ppl slice it at 1mm for nails. =)

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